Provide students with the knowledge related to the world of coffee and tea (types of coffee and tea service, consumption, marriage, trends, sales tools, etc.), so that from these, develop skills will enable customers to make suggestions and create upselling strategies relating to coffee, tea and charter service offered in each service area, powering sales. Getting surprise the customer and improve customer experience when making coffee.
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Course Benefits

  • Provide additional security for students, from a better knowledge of the products offered, generating an approach to customer needs, with a positive impact on sales.
  • Learn step by step you need to have the basics of a specialist in coffee and tea, high-quality working creating new and different drinks based on it, using various types of milk, essences and liqueurs, among other professional.
  • Learn how to prepare the latest trends in barista today are on the market, such as molecular drinks, latte art, espresso, frappes, among others.
  • Develop students' creativity when generating its own sales strategies; and develop the ability to comment on the market and its behavior.


Dynamic course and experiential learning.

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