The course is designed to facilitate the achievement of results through techniques that unlock internal resistance patterns may limit the person: fears, anxiety, inaction, impotence, ineffectiveness, etc. In addition, they will learn to reconnect with their strengths, empowering them and guiding them to achieve the desired results.
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Course Benefits

  • Through the material and techniques used in the course, emotional and communication skills will be developed, in order to learn to express in a proportionate and healthy way our emotions and learn to use our feelings to motivate and optimally plan work in the company.
  • In this course participants will find, integrate and improve their communication skills to convey their thoughts and messages clearly and assertively, be aware of the impact they want to create in their working and personal relationships with the right emotional self.
  • It will be equipped with tools to avoid emotional upset and the eclipse of rational ability, learning to control the tyranny of moods.


The course is aimed to address teams, executives, department managers, Commercial Equipment, Sales, etc.


Dynamic and experiential learning course.

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