This course facilitates the learning of new concepts in the maintenance of electrical installations of low voltage, developing the following skills:
  • Learn the basic principles of maintenance of electrical installations.
  • Know the main safety rules and behaviors in electrical installations.
  • Remember concepts of electrical engineering.
  • Know the materials and devices involved in electrical installations and utilization.
  • Recognize and understand the main techniques of connection of receivers.
  • Knowing the rules applicable reference mandatory for this type of installation and most important supplementary instructions.
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Course Benefits

  • Meet regulatory inspections and verifications protocol.
  • Knowing the equipment normally used in verifying electrical installations.
  • Knowing how to use measuring instruments correctly.
  • Location of common faults using measuring devices.


The course is aimed at technicians and staff with Conocimientos básicos of electricity in baja tension.


Dynamic and experiential learning course.

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