It is intended that participants live during the course a fun relaxed atmosphere and stressing, since it is an optimal tool for:
  • Learning to manage emotions in a group context.
  • Promote the sense of group cohesion during and after the workshop.
  • Help foster a sense of camaraderie, vitality and inner energy.
  • Teamwork, helping your communication more effective.
  • Increase empathy among participants repercussions at work level.
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Course Benefits

  • It stimulates the nervous system, and this, in response, releases endorphins, which act on the immune system and the endocrine, improving our quality of life and health by accelerating the recovery processes.
  • Decrease the perception of pain, lowering the level of cortisol, combat stress and insomnia, improve lung function, reduce anxiety, etc.


The course is aimed at staff base, middle managers and executives.


Dynamic and experiential learning course.

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